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MIC CHECK teams up with Heil Sound

Heil Sound

MIC CHECK has teamed up with Heil Sound!

We at MIC CHECK had an amazing 2013 NAMM show. Along with catching up with our International team, we were able to cut loose with some artists that love MIC CHECK as much as we love their music!

One of the most exciting things that happened at NAMM was we got to sit down and meet with the owners of Heil Sound. Not only are their leaders visionaries in the microphone world, but they are some of the nicest people in the industry.

MIC CHECK & Heil Sound

With a deep passion for their Microphones, Heil Sound knows that Musicians have no real way to keep your Mic clean after you use it – yes, you even need to clean YOUR own Mic. Within the next couple of months, every time you buy a top-notch Heil Sound Microphone, there will be a MIC CHECK Fresh Wipe surprise within!

Did you know that most musicians use Bleach Wipes to clean their Mics?
The main ingredient is Ammonium Chloride: “The main side affect is paralysis of one or both
vocal cords – resulting in problems speaking…”

I don’t know about you, but I need my Cords to keep rocking! We at MIC CHECK solve that problem because our wipes are made with Ethyl Alcohol, Mint and Water…that’s it.

Along with keeping your singing voice in tact, MIC CHECK won’t harm your Mic, where cleaning wipes will destroy your Mic over time.

To check out all the lip smacking Microphone’s Heil Sound has to offer, check out their website:

Below is some more information about Heil Sound:
Heil Sound Ltd., is a modern microphone company founded by Bob Heil, and is comprised of people passionate about producing superior microphones and related products. All Heil microphones are assembled and quality tested at the company’s USA headquarters in Fairview Heights, IL. The mission carried out by the people working at Heil Sound is, “We respect all artists and sound professionals, listen to them, and make products that let them do their best”. At Heil Sound, it all starts at the mic…but respect is earned through every microphone coming off the Heil Sound production line.

Heil earned the respect and trust from the best musicians and sound engineers in the industry, for good reason. Bob Heil is an innovator and inventor, whose innovations and products transformed the live concert experience to what it is today…to the extent that he was the first and only manufacturer invited to have an exhibit in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Bob Heil literally changed the way microphones were used, and in doing so, he helped usher in the modern age of professional concert audio.

Today, Bob Heil leads a world-class company producing dynamic, cardioid microphones that surpass all industry standards. Heil Sound microphones are very durable, elegant, and extremely affordable. Heil microphones can be found on concert stages, in churches, performance venues, recording studios and broadcast facilities worldwide. Bob Heil understands building the world’s best microphones is only possible with the most qualified and dedicated employees.

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